Rocks Along Hwy 24 To Be Blasted Friday

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Crews worked through the night to remove huge rocks off Highway 24.

The road has been reopened Wednesday morning, after having been down to one lane westbound following the rockslide.

About nine rocks fell around 8 p.m. Tuesday, some reportedly as big as a car.

No one was in the path of the rockslide when it occurred, so fortunately there were no injuries or property damage.

Crews pushed the rocks off the road. We spoke with CDOT today and they tell us it will be Friday, April 26 before crews start breaking up large boulders from a rock slide yesterday.

CDOT says rock fall experts will be doing a technical analysis of the slope above the highway today to check for more loose rocks. We've also learned the boulders did not damage the pavement.

Crews tell us rock slides are most common this time of year.