Robbery Victim Helps Police Track Down Crook

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One man fell victim to a scam, and then helped police find one of the men who cheated him.

It started as a Craigslist scam and he told 11 News. The victim, who asked us not to use his name, said he pretty much used their own trick against them. This happened in Colorado Springs. After he was lured under the pretense that the crooks wanted to buy his phone, he not only later found his phone on Craigslist, but then lured one of the crooks and called the cops.

Police say Hayward Goldsborough is one of two men suspected in this Craigslist robbery scam. According to arrest papers, Goldsborough and the other suspect would meet up with people who were selling their phones on craigslist. While one would pretend to be the buyer- the other would come up behind the victim with a gun.

Investigators say Goldsborough and the other man are suspected in at least two cell phone robberies. The first happened in a parking lot off Montebello Drive in November. The second happened days later and just a few blocks away.

The victim we talked to said anytime something like this happens, it not worth putting yourself in a situation where you could be hurt.

"For me, pursuing that was just to see if we could get these people off the street and that was my main motivating factor. The phone itself was trivial; it's not worth getting hurt for any phone or any other object no matter how expensive it is."

He also added that there were a few red flags that he shouldn't have ignored the night he was robbed. He warns people using Craigslist to try to meet during the day, and in an open and public area.

The search continues for the second suspect, he’s described as a white man, approximately 6”2’ and 150 pounds. He was last wearing a black hoodie with a black and white bandana over his face. The gun was described as a semi automatic handgun with a chrome top and black bottom.

If you have any information you’re asked to call Crimestoppers 634-STOP.

Goldsborough will be back in court next week.