1 Arrested In Ranch Robbery; 2nd Suspect Remains At Large

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One of the two suspects accused of stealing ranch equipment in eastern El Paso County is behind bars.

The sheriff's office tells us that one of them was arrested on unrelated warrants. They're still looking for the other suspect.

The pair of crooks were spotted stealing ranch equipment from a home in Yoder, which in an hour east of Colorado Springs.

"One of our neighbors called us and said, 'There's some people stealing stuff,'" Josh Frihauf told 11 News.

Frihauf and his father-in-law David Hamilton got into their truck and drove to their property to confront the suspects. Their property sits on thousands of acres.

When they found the suspects, the suspects jumped in their truck and took off. Frihauf and Hamilton chased after them.

"We caught up with them and followed them...gonna go around them and they slammed into us and kind of pushed us off the road," Frihauf said.

"We got back on the road. They were on the roadway and rear-ended us...spun us out," Hamilton added.

After the suspects pushed them off the road, Frihauf and Hamilton say the suspects shot at them. They then ditched their pickup and ran away.

Deputies raced to the area, alarming neighbors unaccustomed to seeing a heavy presence of patrol vehicles in their area.

Frihauf said the strangest thing about the incident was that he recognized one of the suspects who shot at him; he says he has known the man for years from bull riding competitions.