New Details: Robbery Suspect Arrested After Standoff

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PUEBLO, Colo. A standoff that lasted for hours ended in an arrest. Pueblo Police say 61-year-old Jefferson Thede in now custody.

It was around 2:30 p.m., when Pueblo police received a call about a man attempting to rob the Walgreens off Highway 50 West in Pueblo. When Thede walked out the store's door, he was confronted by police officers. When Thede refused to let go of his gun, more officers and SWAT were called to the scene.

During that time, police blocked off parts of Highway 50 West and traffic was rerouted. Traffic was backed up near Fortino.

For about three hours, Thede would not release his gun. A few times he pointed it at himself. Finally, officers were able to get through to him after hours of negation. He was taken into custody just before 5:30 p.m.

11 News spoke to Amy Tate, a Pueblo resident, about the incident.

"I think it's a little horrific, but I think the Pueblo police did a good job. It's pretty sad people have to go to this extreme to get things they need," said Tate.

11 News obtained the arrest papers of Jefferson Thede, Tuesday. Thede told investigators that he lives out of state and was traveling across the country to visit family. Investigators say he hurt his back a few years ago and has been taking pain medication ever since. He reportedly realized he was running low on drugs and decided to rob the store because he didn't think anybody would recognize him.

The Walgreens Pharmacist told investigators he thought Thede was joking when he demanded oxycodone and oxycontin. It wasn't until he reportedly saw Thede's gun under his jacket that he knew it was a robbery. Another pharmacist secretly called police to report the crime.