Suspect In Long String Of Robberies To Make Court Appearance

A suspect accused in a string of bizarre crimes will be in court Thursday.

Dwight Davis, 53, is accused of committing more than a dozen robberies in Colorado Springs in the spring of 2012. Most were committed at local stores, but authorities say he also held up three individuals in separate personal robberies--including robbing his own cousin at gunpoint.

Davis' alleged crime spree was marked by the eclectic selection of weapons police say he used to terrorize victims in the robberies. Law enforcement says the suspect used rocks, bricks and even poured
liquid believed to be flammable on clerks at two locations and threatened to light them on fire.

Davis is the primary suspect in the following cases:

• 04/17/12: Arby’s, 393 S. 8th Street at 9:45PM
• 04/26/12: 7-Eleven, 2555 Delta Drive at 3:10AM
• 05/12/12: Family Dollar, 22 N. Spruce Street at 7:30PM
• 05/14/12: Ruskin Liquors, 3960 Airport Road at 8:50PM
• 05/15/12: D&S Liquors (attempt), 2535 Delta Drive at 10:35PM
• 05/16/12: 2 separate citizens were victims of attempted personal robberies, 2 hours after the D&S Liquors holdup 12:35AM
• 05/19/12: Clarion Hotel, 314 E. Bijou Street at 1:30AM
• 05/20/12: Coal Train Liquors, 330 W. Uintah Street at 9:35PM
• 05/25/12: Diamond Shamrock, 432 N. Circle Drive at 8:30PM
• 05/25/12: Dollar Tree, 2780 S. Academy Blvd. at 9:15PM
• 05/25/12: Conoco, 4310 E. Fountain Blvd. at 9:20PM
• 05/27/12: A member of Davis’ family, who lives near Chelton Rd. and Delta Drive, reported to CSPD that he was robbed at knifepoint in his home by Davis at 6:29PM
• 05/28/12: Burglary-in-progress on 1400 block of Alvarado Drive. CSPD says Davis was caught trying to escape police after officers showed up during the attempted burglary. He was taken into custody, and has been in the CJC since.

All are felony cases.

11 News will keep you updated on the latest developments in this case.