Road To Healing Long One For Child Sex Crime Victim, Family

The victim's parents told 11 News that their daughter now fears people in military uniform after former soldier Lucas (right) attacked her.
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A former Fort Carson soldier is beginning a sentence that could last the rest of his life.

Aaron Lucas, 32, was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years, maximum of life in prison for sex crimes committed against children in Southern Colorado. All of his victims were girls under the age of 12.

Almost a dozen families can find some relief that Lucas will go away for a long time, but as one family told 11 News reporter Mecca Rayne, the healing process is still difficult.

"It took us a minute to realize that she would run and hide when we got home."

Thar's because the victim's parents wear military uniforms--and so did the man who stole her innocence.

"He was wearing our country's cloth. Our daughter, because of our five generations of service, had been taught of all the 'stranger danger,' except for the uniform. She knew the uniform was safe," the distraught mother continued.

"You can always go to the uniform," the victim's father said.

But in this case, the man in uniform harmed their then 6-year-old little girl. Teaching her not to be afraid of people in uniform--family or not--will likely be a process.

"That officer and a gentleman didn't play out in this scenario. That trust was gone, and we've had to build it up step by step," the mother said.

To help her parents get through the hearing, their daughter gave them special glitter she calls fairy dust, and a message for attacker.

"Just tell him 'good riddance,'" her father said.