Road Rage Caught On Camera

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Road rage turned into a "shots fired" call for police, and it was all caught on camera. Investigators said a man pulled out a gun and fired it in a shopping center parking lot.

Colorado Springs police said this happened Friday night at the shopping complex on Pikes Peak near Circle in Colorado Springs.

Police arrested 23-year-old Adam Cooley. He’s facing charges of DUI and felony menacing among other charges.

11 News talked to Artuo Becerra, owner of Maria’s Taco Shop. He said the gunshot was pretty loud.

He had a restaurant regular inside when it happened, and they both rushed out, into the parking lot, to see what was going on. He said, it wasn't until police showed up asking for his surveillance video, did he realize what happened.

The surveillance video shows a man in the red van pointing, what police said was a gun, out his window and at a woman inside a silver minivan. Investigators said he then fired his gun.

"(He) pointed to the lady and then shot through the air," Becerra said.

Pastor Bill Chancy was also inside Maria’s Taco Shop at the time.

"We ran out the door to see what was going on, at first we thought it was a tire pop or something like that," Chancy said.

Becerra said he put in the surveillance cameras a few years ago. When police got to the area, they approached him to get this video to help track down their suspect.

"(The camera’s were put in) to protect myself too, and for the plaza, and so that's why I got them about three years ago," Becerra said.

"Thank God he didn't kill her, or anyone else at the gas station," Chancy added.

Investigators said while searching the area, they found the red van and a man matching the description from the victim, and surveillance video, at a nearby apartment complex. That's where the suspect, Cooley, was arrested.