Road Collapses In Black Forest

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A huge section of road completely collapsed and the homeowners on the other side left wondering what's next, and how they'll get to the other side.

This happened on Casey Lane just off Shoup Road in Black Forest. Now, El Paso County Road crews said they’re working on a temporary fix. They said every time it’s rained since the Black Forest Fire, they’ve checked on this road specifically because they said it was just a matter of time before something like this happened.

11 News was first on the scene where part of the Casey Lane completely washed out.

"I could hear concrete crushing and moving and finally the whole thing just collapsed," Black Forest homeowner Jim McKelvey said.

McKelvey doesn't live on Casey Lane, but near it.

"The water has so much force when it starts moving." McKelvey said.

Diane Ketels lives on the road but she's now stuck on the other side. The only way we could talk with her was over the phone, across the gap.

"To see it happening, I’m glad we walked down here though because to see it, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it," Ketels said.

Road crews who told us that from the first rainfall after the fire, they knew this spot would be a problem. Their concern was with a culvert under the road. During the last rainfall, it collapsed on itself preventing debris from getting through, so when the rain started to fall Sunday, the wall of water was just too much.

Neighbors said once the water started flowing over the road, it took just a few minutes before it gave way.

"You're stuck, what are you going to do? We're going to try and find another access through one of our neighbor's backyards or something like that, it's the only thing we can do," Ketels said.

The Black Forest Fire Department is working to figure out how to make an accessible road for the four home across the 30 foot gap so that they're not stranded.

No injuries were reported, and road crews will begin work first thing in the morning.