Returning Soldier Surprises Kids At School

Military families are used to homecoming delays--but never for this sweet a reason.

Kyle Matus wanted to make his homecoming extra special for his kids, who had spent nine months apart from him while he served in Afghanistan.

Kyle returned to Colorado Springs Monday night, but he and his wife decided to keep that fact a secret from his kids for just a little longer.

Tuesday morning started out like any other day for the Matus children.

"I just got the kids up like them ready and took them to school," Dana Matus said. "He [Kyle] stayed hidden until I took them."

Joshua Matus got the surprise of his life when a familiar face strolled into his kindergarten classroom. His mouth dropped opened, then his face lit up.

"Daddy!" Joshua squealed, then hurried towards his father.

Kyle then went to his older son's classroom, and snuck up behind him.

A stunned Caleb Matus turned around and saw his father crouching next to his desk. He was frozen for a second, too shocked to react. Then he and his father shared a huge hug.

The family all agree the extra wait was worth it.

"It was great to see a smile on their faces," Kyle said.