Canon City Wants Voters To Decide On Retail Pot

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CANON CITY, Colo. A meeting to discuss the future of retail marijuana took place in Canon City Wednesday evening. Dozens of community members spoke on both sides of the issue.

Two ordinances were on the table concerning marijuana zoning and licensing. If the ordinances pass, Canon City could start accepting applications for retail marijuana shops and cultivation facilities on July 1.

KKTV was at the meeting. Council members were given three options: ban the sale of retail marijuana, approve the ordinances or ask voters to decide in November.

There was an overwhelming amount of support for both sides. Several people in Canon City got up in front of City Council to share their point of view on the issue. Many people yelled and applauded. Some people even brought signs, arguing against retail marijuana.

Dana Soux with the Fremont County Cannabis spoke in support of retail marijuana. She wants to bring her business to Canon City.

"We want to bring the money back into this county, but they're fighting it so hard. It's definitely been pretty disappointing. So we might just have to take our revenue elsewhere," said Soux.

Joshua Fordyce is a youth pastor at Bridge to Life Assembly. He spoke against retail marijuana in Canon City.

"I was concerned about our teenagers having greater access to marijuana. That was my most major concern," said Fordyce.

City Council wasn't able to vote at Wednesday's meeting, but they did decide how they want to move forward. They came to a consensus that they want the voters to decide. That option requires City Council to draft a measure to put on November's ballot. This decision means City Council favors to extend the current moratorium until the citizen's vote on the issue. This also means that the ordinances won't go into effect.

City Council plans to vote on the action May 19. We will let you know what they ultimately decide.