WATCH: Residents Concerned about the Number of Bees Dying in Their Community

Photo via KCNC
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Some residents in Boulder say they are concerned about the number of bees that are dying in the area.

“I sweep them up in the morning. I sweep them up again if I’m here midday. And I sweep them again at night,” north Boulder resident Kit VanWinkle told KKTV sister station KCNC.

The bees drop dead while flying, VanWinkle says. Neighbors say they've observed the same thing.

VanWinkle says the bees started dying off around the same time she noticed little yellow flags warning about pesticides popping up in the neighborhood.

Pesticide manufacturers say their products are safe and are not killing off bee colonies, but people like David Wheeler, who lives in a community that doesn't use systematic pesticides as part of their effort to protect local bee colonies, says bees dying in large numbers make that hard to believe.

They have asked Colorado’s pesticide enforcement to examine the situation of the bees dying in north Boulder.