Republicans, Democrats Point Fingers As Obama Signs Sequester Order

The blame game is underway as Republicans and Democrats point fingers at each other for the devastating budget cuts that went into effect Friday.

Congress was unable to reach a last minute deal, forcing President Obama to sign an order Friday authorizing the cuts to begin.

The sequester will begin by slashing $85 billion to 2013 federal spending, ultimately resulting in $1.2 trillion cut over a decade. The cuts equally affect defense and non-defense spending. The cuts are unlikely to be felt right away, but rather, will be felt little by little over time. Dirty restrooms or reduced hours at National Parks. Longer lines and increased delays at airports. Larger classes as some teachers are laid off.

Locally, Fort Carson says up to 3,000 Army employees will be hit hard by these cuts starting in April, when workers will be forced to take more than 20 furlough days between then and September--the equivalent of a 20 percent pay cut.

Even with the sequester going into effect, it's not binding--Congress can still reach a deal after Obama signs the order and stop it. Republicans and Democrats remain deadlocked on how to most effectively decrease the deficit. Democrats are arguing for a deficit reduction plan that is half increase in revenue, half spending cuts; Republicans are calling for a deal that relies primarily on spending cuts, as they do not want to raise taxes.