Report On Waldo Canyon Fire Released

A new report has been released over the Waldo Canyon Fire, highlighting the preparedness efforts by the city of Colorado Springs and learning how the city's decade-long wildfire safety programs affected the outcome of the fire.

The Fire Adapted Communities Coalition released a statement Wednesday.

The FAC said the report was the result of interviews, field visits and tours of the neighborhoods most affected by the fire.

“The mitigation tools used by the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal’s Wildfire Mitigation Section for the last 10 years mirrored, to a large extent, the recommendations of the Fire Adapted Communities program,” Pam Leschak, WUI/Fire Adapted Communities program manager for the USDA Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management, said in the statement. “The findings of the report conclude that the damage to the city as a result of the Waldo Canyon Fire would have been far more wide-spread if these practices weren’t put into place.”

For a look at the report, click here.