Report Released Over Police Shooting Of Elk

Boulder Police Officer Sam Carter poses with the elk he shot with his service gun while on duty. (Credit: KCNC)

The Boulder police officers who shot an elk were the only ones in their department involved in the incident, according to a report released Wednesday.

The report was based on internal investigation by the Boulder Police Department. The investigation found that no one else in the department needed to be punished.

According to investigators, in January Officer Sam Carter shot an elk that had been seen wandering the Mapleton Hill neighborhood, then called Officer Brent Curnow to the scene. Carter posed for a photo with his "kill," then gave Curnow the meat.

Carter was on-duty at the time, Curnow was off.

Carter said he shot the elk because it was injured and needed to be "humanely euthanized."

The shooting outraged residents of the neighborhood.

“He was just a majestic being and it’s so sad that it came down to this, it’s heartbreaking,” neighbor Jennifer Centeno told KCNC at the time. Postal carrier Mark Rourke seconded Centeno's sentiments.

"It makes me sick, it just makes me sick. It was a beautiful animal."

Several residents later held a candlelight vigil to honor the slain animal. An area animal support group has raised $3,000 to pay for a permanent memorial.

Carter and Curnow were arrested on allegations of misconduct and taking an elk out of season. They have resigned from the department.