Plan To Repair Damaged Roadway

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El Paso County is starting to repair Old Stage Road after it was damaged in last year's flood.

September's weather ripped up much of the road and clogged up culverts with debris. El Paso County started working on the road right after the flood, but it was just for minimal access for the Forest Service and people that own property there. The county is about to start a new project so that the road can open up to the public.

El Paso County engineer Andre Brackin said, "Not only are there unsafe locations, but we need to keep people out until the contractors' work is finished in those locations."

The county plans to bring in gravel to redo the roadway leading up to the National Forest. They're also replacing the metal culverts with cement ones. They will be larger and more durable to handle the next major storm.

"If we were to leave it as it is today, the next storm that comes along is going to be more detrimental than the last storms were...the pipes up there aren't adequate to handle all the run off," said Brackin.

The project is expected to start early June and wrap up sometime in August. We'll let you know when the road opens up.

"Our goal is to get our contractor in there and out of there as soon as we can. Get those culverts upside, get the drainage fixed and open the road back up," said Brackin.