Relatives Of Carbon Monoxide Victims Encourage Purchase Of Detectors

Carbon monoxide is suspected in the deaths of a Springs couple last week, while a second Springs family narrowly survived exposure.

A relative reportedly found the bodies of Charles and Ruth Love in their home on Saturday. The couple's son says his parents had missed a couple days of work, and family members were getting worried.

"She went to check on them, and it was pretty bad...she found them," Langston Love told 11 News.

The coroner says it'll be a few days before the official cause of death is released, but police say it's likely carbon monoxide poisoning.

Love does not know if his parents had a carbon monoxide detector in their home or not.

Jessica Stanwood says her sister did have a carbon monoxide detector, and credits that with saving her life. Stanwood's sister, niece and nephew were all able to get out of the house before toxic carbon monoxide levels became fatal. They had to be hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning, but survived.

Stanwood and Love both encourage the public to get carbon monoxide detectors.

Firefighters recommend having one on each level of your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors range from $20 to $130. They can be purchased at home improvement stores.