Red Cross Warns Of Water Safety For Children, Parents

The American Red Cross is sending out a warning today.

They say many of us don't know how to keep our kids safe in the water. For example - a recent survey shows two thirds of people think putting these inflatable arm bands, or water-wings, on kids is enough to keep them safe when a grown-up is not around.

But the Red Cross says these are not meant to be life-saving devices.
That same red cross survey found 63 percent of families with children plan on swimming in an area without a lifeguard this summer. And, nearly half of those polled had never taken swimming lessons.

Here's another concern- 9 out of ten people don't know what to do when someone is in danger of drowning.

You're supposed to yell for help, throw a floatation device, and then call 911. Unless you have the right training - you are not supposed to go into the water to try and help.

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