Maketa Recall Effort Heats Up

The effort to recall El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa is gaining more, high profile, former Maketa supporters.

Sunday former undersheriff Terri Goodall and Maketa's former campaign manager Wendy Habert were in front of the Walgreens on 19th and Uintah in Colorado Springs collecting signatures.

Habert told KKTV 11 News she felt it was time for her to get involved because she wants the sheriff out of office.

"The individual that I helped to elect was a great leader he has done a lot of great things for this community and what we're seeing today in the reactions to things that of been coming out is not that same person and I do not support the person that he has become, the person in position of our Sheriff," Habert said.

Recall organizers must gather 44,000 signatures by July 12th in order to move the process along.