Families Facing Costly Repairs Following Alleged Racing Incident

Two people were taken to the hospital after a crash near Flintridge and Academy in Colorado Springs Sunday.

Police say the driver of a red car was racing a Mustang when he clipped an SUV, causing both vehicles to spin out of control.

The crash ended in Yolie Lalama's back yard.

"It's dangerous,” she said, looking out at Academy Boulevard from the gap left in her shattered fence.

A day later, she faced sorting out the mess left behind by the race. Her fence was taken out and so were three trees. She says with as much racing she's seen through the years it was just a matter of time.

"It's cars, motorcycles, [going] really fast,” she said. “You can just hear it all night long."

No one was seriously hurt in the crash, but the driver of the red car involved and the driver of the Mustang were later given reckless driving and speed contest tickets, a 12 point violation, according to Colorado Springs police.

What happens to them next will be a matter for the courts.

But Yolie knows what she would like to see happen.

“I think their licenses should be taken away...that's totally irresponsible for people to endanger other innocent people," she said.

Police say they try to prevent street racing when they can, saying it’s a cyclical problem that peaks during summer months. One strategy is placing officers along streets racers favor like stretches of Academy Boulevard and sections of other major roads like Powers.

Officers told 11 News Monday they'll even approach drivers they suspect could be gathering to race and explain the consequences if they're caught: the possibility of their driver's license being suspended, or even revoked.