Questions About The Future Of The Drake Power Plant

Even before the fire, the future of the Drake Power Plant was up in the air. The Colorado Springs Utilities Board has been researching the best time to decommission the plant for some time.

The city council has been looking at 12 different options to retire the plant. They range from three to 30 years from now. The council had plans to make a decision this summer.

There are three units inside the aging coal plant. The oldest was built in 1960.

A study Springs Utilities released in December stated that because of the age of the plant, there is "an increasing chance of a major (or multiple) equipment failures." However, city councilman Andy Pico says they don't know yet if the age of the equipment has anything to do with the fire.

Members of the utility board tell 11 News the safety record for the plant has been very good and that the equipment is well maintained.

Springs Utilities also says even with the fire, it will cost less to fix the plant than to build a new one.

For now, the employees of the Drake Power Plant are being put to work at other plants.