Quality Of Life Indicators Report Released

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The 2013 Quality of Life Indicators report was released Thursday. It's the sixth time a report like this has been released.

Presented by the Pikes Peak United Way, they say the goal of this report is to help the community and its leaders figure out which areas need the most time, money, and help to improve this area. One of the growing concerns is related to recovering from the recession and creating jobs.

"We have a lot of positives in our community we're doing better than other cities, but other (areas) where we are not," Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said.

The report shows homelessness in the Colorado Springs area continues to be a problem. In 2010, there were nearly 300 families with children that were considered homeless. This year, that number grew to nearly 400.

"We are going to solve homelessness in this city while I’m mayor. Period. I’m committed to that so I hope my colleagues and our elected leadership will join me," Bach said.

Another troubling trend spotted in the report is the number of suicides amongst teens and young men. It's the leading cause of death in those categories, and our numbers are higher when compared to those of the Denver area, as well as statewide and national numbers.

"We are doing all that we should to continue to help those folks who are finding themselves hopeless," United Way Vice President of Community Impact Carrie Cramm said.

"(The suicide rates are) very concerning to me and there's got to be a way we can change that trend. I’m not sure yet how but there's people who certainly know how," Bach added.

This region is struggling to bring in and keep young professionals, something experts say is hurting us in the long run. Young professionals are those in the age group of 25-44, considered the "prime working age."

"We know as a development group working in partnership with the city, United Way and others that we need to make sure we're focused on creating a culture of innovation and environment that the young-minded generation wants to locate, retain and stay here in our economy," president and CEO of the Regional Business Alliance, Joe Raso, said.

Young professionals make up less than 30 percent of the workforce; that’s a number many recruiters and businesses look to when deciding where to place their workers and business. The 2013 unemployment rate was 8.3 percent.

There are a lot of areas that we are excelling in, and that includes community engagement. There was a big boost in the involvement, everything from pulling together after the fires and floods, to voting during the elections.

Click on the link below to see the full report.