New Home, New Life For Puppy Found With Crossbow Bolt In Leg

At just 3 months old, little Bow has suffered a lifetime's worth of abuse and heartache.

But all that is about to change.

The Jack Russell/Shepherd mix puppy was found in Shiprock, N.M. with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his hind leg. Authorities suspect someone may have been using the puppy for target practice.

Authorities believe that before someone spotted the injured puppy and reported it to the Animal Protection Office, Bow had been walking around with the crossbow bolt in his leg for as many as three days.

After having the bolt surgically removed, Bow spent time rehabilitating in a foster home. The rehabilitation wasn't just for his physical wounds--Bow has needed help recovering from the emotional trauma too.

Once he was deemed ready for a permanent home, the Farmington Animal Shelter transferred him to the La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, Colo. The transfer was due to the overwhelming number of animals FAS already cares for. Once in Colorado, LPCHS began the process of finding Bow a forever home.

On Friday, the humane society announced that Bow's wait for over; he had been adopted and was "on his way to finding happiness."

Though LPCHS received inquiries from California to Indiana after the story broke, Bow's new family has been with him since the beginning. They hail from the Four Corners, and saw him while he was recovering in Farmington. The humane society says it was an easy choice, selecting them to be Bow's new owners.

Bow has made tremendous strides since the family first met him, according to LPCHS, who told 11 News Wednesday that he was running around playing happily.

Though Bow's story has a happy ending, the person who shot Bow remains at large. There are currently no leads.