Register Your Cell Phones For Emergency Alerts

Colorado’s wildfire season is already off to a deadly start. That’s why we are being reminded to take advantage of an important emergency notification system.

Dispatch centers in Colorado will call you if danger is nearby but only if you register for the emergency notifications.

Land lines automatically receive that warning call, but many are forgetting to register their cell phones.

It only takes about a minute to sign up and it’s something that could save your life.

911 Centers in both Pueblo and El Paso Counties are ready to call you about any type of emergency whether it’s a threat to your life or property. It could a call telling you to evacuate because of a wildfire, or telling you to stay inside because of a S.W.A.T. situation.

All you have to do is go online and sign up.

It’s easy, you just enter in your name, address, and cell phone number. You can also sign up an internet phone or Voice over IP number.

In El Paso County you can register one land line, and two cell phones for each address.

In Pueblo County you can register as many cell phones as you like. But you can only enter in five mobile phone numbers at a time. If you want to put in more, just re-register. You enter in your name and address again with the new numbers. All the numbers will stay linked to that address.

You can also register as many internet phones as you like, also up to five at a time. But you should be the owner or responsible for all those numbers.

"If you're not at home and you are at work or off someplace and your home is in harm's way, you will still get notified on your cell phone. You can add family members, children, whatever cell phones you think are appropriate,” said Tim, Nawrocki, Communication Manager for Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Emergency Communications Center.

But remember if you live in El Paso County you must actually answer the phone to get these alerts.

In Pueblo County the system will leave you a message, and will call back if the line is busy.

According to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Bureau, the county’s system is compatible with cell phones, Voice of IP lines and land-line phones. People who want to register their cell phone or VoIP numbers need to register at Land-lines are automatically registered.

Anyone without internet access who needs to register a cell phone or VoIP phone should call 719-583-6222.

A similar system is also in place in El Paso and Teller Counties. To sign up in either of those, visit

The Sheriff’s Office says Pueblo County is likely to face another dry summer with high risk of wildfire. In the event of a fire, or another emergency condition, the emergency notification system will be used to warn residents in affected areas.