Pueblo Woman Dies After Getting The Flu

A Pueblo woman has died from the flu and other complications.

This was the first person to be hospitalized this season for the flu in Pueblo.

Health officials say the flu season is starting about four weeks earlier than normal. More than 100 people have been hospitalized across the state with flu symptoms.

"We know the virus is here and it's serious," said Dr. Christine Nevin-Woods with the Pueblo County Health Department. "It's not too late to get a flu vaccine."

The woman who died was middle-aged. A doctor tells 11 News that she did have an underlying health issue, but wouldn't say what.

Most people who get the flu do not have severe complications, but the flu is unpredictable and can strike quickly.

Health officials are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. The flu shot this year closely matches the flu strain that is going around.

Those who are at greatest risk for the flu include the very old and very young, people with diabetes, and people with underlying lung illnesses.