Pueblo Riverwalk Opens For Paddlers This Weekend

It's a sure sign of spring's arrival in Pueblo: paddle boats returning to the Arkansas River.

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is reopening Saturday for paddlers to enjoy the water.

HARP has just completed its annual Riverwalk cleaning. Each year, officials drain and resort the water.

The Riverwalk is opening nearly a month earlier than last year.

"They've done a fantastic job," resident Anthony Greaves said regarding HARP's efforts. Greaves walks the river daily, and says he was happy to see the river full again.

"We came back today and said, 'Wow, we got water back!' It's fun."

If you'd like to paddle or kayak the Riverwalk, they are offering a permit for $20. It lasts the entire 2014 season.