Pueblo Police Warn Of Recent Phone Scams

Pueblo Police are warning the public to be wary of phone scams.

They say they have taken reports of several people who have been contacted by a man stating he was a family member, and then asking for money to get out of legal trouble in Mexico. Other reports have been taken where the caller acts like he is with a credit card company, and another acting like he is with Social Security attempting to get personal information.

The recipients of those calls were all aware enough not to become victims of fraud.

Callers are targeting people between the ages of 60-80.

Police remind you to not give out your personal information over the phone unless you are certain the call is from a reputable source. If in doubt about any call, get the business name and name of the person calling and call them back with a phone number you locate off your billing statements, from a phone book or off the internet.