Pueblo Police: No More Tickets For Pot Possession

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A policy change at the Pueblo Police Department means people will no longer be ticketed for possession of marijuana, as long as it falls under the rules of Amendment 64.
11 News began investigating after discovering that a man was ticketed on March 6th, for possession of cannabis. Since the man was over 21-years-old, and had less than an ounce of marijuana, it seemed he would have been protected under Colorado's Amendment 64.
At that time, Pueblo police said that they had been advised by the city to continue writing tickets for possession, just as they had pre-amendment 64, until clearer guidelines had been established at the state level.
In an unexpected turn, however, city management and the city attorney told police Tuesday, March 12, that they are to no longer issue tickets for possession of marijuana, as long as it doesn't violate the guidelines of Amendment 64.
11 News has put calls in to the City Manager's office to find out what prompted this sudden change in policy, and also if those people already ticketed with possession will still face charges. We have not yet received a call back.
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