Pueblo Investigation: Multiple Reports Of Police Impersonator

Pueblo police are advising the public to be on alert for a possible police impersonator.

Two incidents were reported around the same time Saturday night.

According to police, a woman reported that the driver of a white 4-door vehicle tried to get her to pull over on the 400 block of E. Northern by using flashing lights similar to those an officer would have. Believing it was a police officer behind her, the woman pulled over, but immediately realized she was mistaken after she saw the man approach.

The woman told officers that after she rolled up her window and locked her car doors, the suspect began banging on her window in a "scary" manner. The suspect then began chasing after her as she tried driving away.

Police say that while officers responded to the woman's call, a second call came in involving a similar-looking vehicle, with a similar suspect description. The suspect reportedly pulled another driver over near Santa Fe Avenue and demanded his wallet. No one was injured, and the wallet was not taken.

The vehicle in both cases has been described as a white 4-door car resembling an unmarked police car, using flashing lights similar to those an emergency vehicle would use. The suspect posing as an officer is reportedly a light-complected Hispanic man between 25-30 years old, 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10 with spiky hair. The female victim said she saw a second Hispanic man in the vehicle.

Police say that if one is uncertain if an unmarked vehicle trying to pull them over is legit, call 911 and explain what is going on to confirm the stop is a valid one. If no phone is available, pull over in a highly populated area like a gas station, where there will be video cameras.