Pueblo Makes AARP's List Of Best Places To Live

The Colorado State Fair in Pueblo is one of the many affordable activities that make the city a great bargain for those over 50, according to the AARP.

Over 50 and looking to live high while spending low?

According to AARP, Pueblo might be the place to be.

Every year, "AARP The Magazine" seeks out the top places for people 50 and up. For their 2013 list, they added an extra requirement: a great place where the 50+ population can live--on $30,000 or less.

“Our readers are interested in living their best lives without spending a fortune," Robert Love, Editor in Chief of AARP The Magazine, said in a statement. "Each year we aim to find new locations packed with affordable opportunities appealing to the 50+ audience and these are some of the places where this is happening.”

Among the criteria AARP was looking for that made a city a great place to live: "great eats, fun freebies, sporting opportunities and a fulfilling experience for older Americans." AARP says the Southern Colorado city offers all of that--at a low price--for those 50 and up who make Pueblo their home.

The following are the top 10 "best places to live the good life for under $30,000":

1. Bangor, ME
2. Daytona/Deltona/Ormond Beach, FL
3. Erie, PA
4. Grand Rapids, MI
5. Greenville, SC
6. Louisville, KY
7. Pocatello, ID
8. Pueblo, CO
9. Sherman/Denison, TX
10. South Bend, IN

The AARP says these cities are "the most livable, budget-friendly places in the United States, where 50+ Americans can live in comfort, no matter the size of their savings account are."