Pueblo County Passes Emergency Declaration Over Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweeds can be a serious problem in southern Colorado, especially when they block roads and clog up neighborhoods.

Pueblo County commissioners have passed an emergency declaration in order to get help with the issue.

The county has already spent $250,000 on cleaning up tumbleweeds this year. The money has been used to either burn or grind them. The emergency declaration is the first step to qualify for state and federal assistance.

The hardest-hit areas are in eastern Pueblo County and parts of Pueblo West. To the south, El Paso County has also had its share of issue with tumbleweeds, including one neighborhood east of the Springs that found itself buried in them earlier this year.

Pueblo County officials say the more Colorado counties that sign on the disaster declaration, the better the chances of getting federal assistance. 11 News has placed calls to El Paso County to see if county officials are planning on signing onto the emergency declaration. We'll let you know what we find out.