Pueblo Community College to Expand Health Programs

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Pueblo Community College is teaming up with St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center to expand health programs at PCC.

The agreement will allow PCC to add a new health program as well as expand its current ones.

Brianna Drury is a Pueblo Community College Nursing Student. "We started "sim" in our first year so we would have 2 full years of simulation lab compared to other students... and we go multiple times throughout the semester," said Drury.

In 2012, PCC and St. Mary-Corwin signed another agreement that allowed PCC to set up a "Simulation lab" at the hospital. Both PCC students and hospital employees use that training facility.

Brian Moore, St. Mary-Corwin President and CEO said, "Partnerships like this where we come alongside and work with an educational institution to further the training opportunities for that next generation of health care providers is really in our best interest."