Pueblo Clerk Arrested For Leaking Inside Information

Court papers obtained by 11 News indicate a Pueblo court clerk was willing to lose her job to help her friend who was friends with a suspect in jail.

Robin Arwood, 42, has been arrested for and charged with first-degree official misconduct, which is a misdemeanor.

Court records show she was helping a suspect who was arrested for allegedly being caught with nearly $12,000 worth of methamphetamine.

According to arrest papers, Arwood would tell her friend confidential information about the suspect’s case.

She even warned her when investigators planned on executing search warrants, so they could potentially get rid of evidence.

Her friend would then relay the information to the suspect over recorded jailhouse phone calls. That’s how Arwood got caught.

Court papers say the suspect, Richard Crites, was warned of a search of his mother’s house.

He then over a recorded phone call, told the girl both him and Arwood knew, Kelly Conroy, to warn his mother.

He asked her to call his mom and tell her “about purple bag and for her to get it and throw it over the fence.”

According to the arrest affidavit, Conroy told Crites over a phone call that she told Arwood “how much they appreciate what she’s doing for all of them and that she knows she is going to lose her job.” Arwood allegedly replied, “I don’t care.”

The arrest papers go onto say that Conroy assured Arwood that she'd be taken care of financially if Conroy went to jail and Arwood lost her job.

Crites allegedly said “She [Arwood] will be well taken care of because we have people working for us.” He adds, “Keep Robin up in the cut. It’s always good to have someone like that.”

Arwood does not have a criminal record.

She has bonded out of jail and remains on paid administrative leave. She is due in court next week.