Pueblo City Councilman Resigns, Citing 'Smears'

Chris Kaufman during a city council meeting.

A Pueblo City Council member has resigned, citing "smears" levied against him by the city newspaper.

In his resignation letter, now-former Councilman Chris Kaufman accuses the Pueblo Chieftain of a 10-day-long smear campaign against him, during which he says the paper accused him of sending racist emails and taking part in secret meetings.

Kaufman states that he's "not easily intimidated," and steps down of his "own volition." He submitted his resignation letter Tuesday night.

We are still working to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Kaufman's resignation, but we do know that a group of angry citizens in Pueblo are now trying to recall two other City Council members: President Sandy Daff and Councilwoman Amy Nawrocki. If enough signatures are collected to recall the other two councilmembers, a special election will be held in January.

As for Kaufman's seat, we've learned City Council is expecting a briefing from the city manger next Monday about how the city will move forward with replacing him.

We have a link to the full resignation letter on the side of this page.