Pueblo City Council Removes Prayer From Meeting

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Should prayer happen before a City Council meeting? 11 News has learned one southern Colorado town is putting a stop to that.

Pueblo City Council members have decided that a moment of silence will now replace the opening prayer before their City Council meetings.

11 News asked local folks what they think about the decision.

"I'm really sad that they made that decision, because for those of us who believe in God and the power of prayer...I think prayer is very important,” Mary Beth Netherton said.

"Regarding the moment of silence, I actually find it to be more fair because it gives people who want to pray the option to do so but those who don't want to, no longer have to,” George Starkgraf said.

"My personal opinion, I believe it should stay, if you really don't want to listen then leave for a few minutes and respect those that do want to hear it," Carol said.

11 News spoke to the Freedom From Religion Foundation Wednesday night; the co-president Dan Barker tells 11 News that someone in Pueblo complained about the prayer to their foundation. The foundation sent Pueblo City Council a letter earlier this week asking them to remove the prayer.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation tells 11 News their mission is to keep religion and government separate.