Protect Yourself From Garage Door Break-Ins

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If you have an electric garage door opener you may be at risk and not even know it. We won't demonstrate how it's done, but some crooks are using wire coat hangers to snag the release handle and manually open your garage door from the outside. We discovered some can get inside in just a few seconds.

Todd Brown with Friendly Garage Door Company says he's replaced garage doors before after crooks damaged them to get inside. He says a cheap zip tie will help keep them out.

Todd says, "If you get a nylon zip tie and you slip it through the hole in the emergency release, and then the hole in the carriage, and you tie it, now you can't pull the emergency release."

The emergency release handle is required by law, so you can open your door manually if the power goes out. But if you're inside and yank hard enough, you can bust the zip tie.

Todd says he's put zip ties on Chamberlin openers like those with the Sears Craftsman and Liftmaster name.

We're told some other brands don't have the holes, but some homeowners are having holes drilled into the units, so zip ties can be used. Todd says it pays to be proactive and take whatever steps you can to make your home less of a target.