Proposed Gun Ban on College Campuses

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A gun control bill is one step closer to becoming a law in Colorado, which would change the laws for carrying guns while on college campuses.

If passed, it would ban concealed weapons on all public college campuses in the state.

Right now, concealed guns are allowed on campus at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a permit.

That would change if the new law is passed.

11 News talked to UCCS students, many of whom are in favor of a gun ban.

"They shouldn't be able to carry guns," said student Josephine Pena. "Anyone can get a permit pretty much, and you never know what they might do with it."

However, one student tells 11 News that in light of campus shootings, like the one at Virginia Tech in 2007 that left dozens of people dead, he feels safer when guns are allowed on campus.

"People that have their concealed carry generally are more knowledgeable about guns," said student Steven Yeager. "With all the shootings that happen on campuses and stuff like that, why not."

Two survivors of the Columbine High School shooting have testified against the measure.

So far the proposed measure has cleared the House, and is heading to the full Colorado Senate for a vote.