Property Owners Concerned Over Fountain Creek Flooding

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Neighbors are asking for something to be done about flooding along Fountain Creek.

Right now, a local group is studying Fountain Creek and the flood damage from Colorado Springs all the way up Highway 24.

11 News talked to folks who live in Green Mountain Falls, who say they can't afford to keep fixing their properties every time it rains.

“This used to be our driveway,” Jeremy Wachter said as he showed 11 News the rocky, debris-filled ditch in front of his house.

Flash flooding destroyed the only way in or out of Jeremy Wachter's home in Green Mountain Falls. Now he's forced to dart across Fountain Creek if he wants to leave. He says it's a perpetual problem.

“We've re-built this driveway seven times since we've owned this home,” said Wachter.

That's in less than two years. His neighbor, Rebecca Pike, spent $9,000 to repair an 11-foot retaining wall from last year's flooding. But after Monday's storm, she's right back where she started.

“How many times can you pour $9,000 into your backyard and then have it wash away?" questioned Pike.

Pike was one of the homeowners who went to an open house meeting on Tuesday night about what can be done to Fountain Creek to protect their homes. Folks used a sharpie to mark where their homes are on a map.

“We want to hear from them about what their problems are,” said Larry Small with the Fountain Creek Watershed group.

Their goal is to identify the problem spots and come up a restoration plan to get the necessary funding and get it fixed. But until that happens, local folks like Wachter and Pike are left in limbo.

“I don't know what to do. We can't afford this, we're normal people,” said Wachter.

“The residents in the downhill community can't continue to repair at their own cost because of flooding,” said Pike.

The final report on what can be done to Fountain Creek will be complete by next June.

We're told the restoration project will come from city and county dollars, so basically from taxpayers.