Project Will Realign Chestnut To Help Fillmore Congestion

A project is getting underway that should help relieve congestion on Fillmore near I-25 and help make the roads safer.

The plan is to basically move Chestnut Street at Fillmore west one block. This will help traffic on Fillmore as well as traffic exiting off the interstate. Right now, those exiting cannot turn right on red. But after this project is complete, they will be able to.

Chestnut Street will eventually create a half-circle by moving west to about Parker Street. Then crews will put in an extra stoplight at Chestnut and Fillmore. The new road will stretch about a half-mile from north to south.

The congestion seen at Fillmore and I-25 is caused by the 6-point intersection where three roadway segments intersect (Fillmore, Chestnut and I-25). The traffic delays back up traffic on Fillmore and I-25 ramps, and create a safety concern for all roadways near the intersection.

By converting the 6-point intersection into a 4-way intersection, they hope to reduce delays by allowing traffic to flow more smoothly.

“Going to take the existing Chestnut and realign it up West to Parker Street roughly so we will have what we call a dog leg, and separate Chestnut away from the intersection. And we’ll have two signals that will help run traffic through the two intersections better than the existing one now,” Mike Chavez, Springs Roadway Manager, said.

This project is getting paid for by that one percent sales tax that voters passed in 2004, or what’s called the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA). In November they are asking voters to approve Initiative 5A on the ballot in order to continue funding of the PPRTA.

Construction will take about a year to complete, but crews will keep Fillmore open for traffic during that time.

For more information about the project visit the City of Colorado Springs website by clicking here.