Call For Action Investigates: Problem Cashing El Paso County Check

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Eric Graves says he got a $15 check after bonding out of the El Paso County jail.

The procedure for all inmates is to take their cash for safekeeping and when they're released, give it back to them in the form of a check. It doesn't matter how big or small the amount is.

Eric says all he knows is when he went to cash the check five days later, a bank teller told him there wasn't enough money in the county account to cover it.

Eric says, "It's only $15. Where's the money at? I mean it's only $15 and the bank said there's no money in the account. That kind of shocked me. The county should have $15, I would think."

We couldn't believe it either, so we accompanied Eric to the bank on the sixth day to see what would happen. Again, he and I were told by a bank teller that there wasn't $15 in the El Paso County Inmate Fund account to cover the check.

"Disappointing. It kind of makes me question what's going on with the county," Eric said.

I called the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and learned this was a first for the county, the first time there's ever been this kind of computer glitch.

It basically kept information from being transmitted from the county to the bank. That's why the bank didn't know checks were verified.

It happened on a total of three checks, so Eric and two others are now being told their checks should clear.

A lot has been made of so-called secret funds and bank accounts with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. I'm told this simply was an electronic banking issue.