Probation Officer Accused Of Using Blackmail For Sex

Guy Cruz
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A former probation officer allegedly used blackmail to force a female client to have sex with her. According to court documents, the woman recorded at least one of their sexual encounters on video.

Police say former probation officer Guy Cruz was turned himself in Tuesday at the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, after an investigation that began in October 2011. According to court documents, the investigation was sparked by a report about an interview with the victim conducted by the Probation Department on August 27.

The affidavit says that Probation Department’s report included information about how Cruz allegedly used blackmail to force the probationer to sleep with him. He allegedly allowed her to drink and covered for her urinalyses. The victim said Cruz threatened to revoke her probation and send her back to drug court if she didn’t sleep with him.

The victim could be sent to the Department of Corrections for 14 years if she violated the drug court order. She was in intensive supervised probation for possession of a schedule II controlled substance and had also served time in Community Corrections.

During an interview with police, the victim said Cruz was initially very strict. His attitude changed, she reportedly said, after another probation officer caught her buying chicken wings after curfew by another officer.

According to the affidavit, the probationer told police Cruz lashed out at her after that but agreed not to tell the judge she was out during curfew. From that point on, she said, Cruz told her “you owe me one.”

The probationer also told investigators things got worse in June of 2011. She told police their relationship became “really tight,” and at one point she described him as possessively wanting to know where she was and who she was with.

The next month, the woman says Cruz came to her fiancée’s house and kissed her while they were standing in the kitchen. According to the affidavit, the woman told police that she performed oral sex on Cruz in the basement after he asked her to. She described the situation as “horrible” and said her “anxiety level was so high she did not know what to do.”

Approximately two weeks later, Cruz allegedly gave the probationer money to rent a hotel room and had both vaginal and oral sex.

The victim told police the ongoing relationship caused her to start drinking as she tried to cope with the relationship and eventually led to a relapse with methamphetamine. According to the affidavit, she said Cruz covered for her urinalyses but told her not to use meth anymore. He also continued to remind her that she owed him.

According to the affidavit, the probationer says Cruz showed up at her house several times and tried to have sex with her and tell her she owed it to him. During their final sexual encounter, the probationer said he set up a video camera and recorded Cruz.

In August, she contacted her parole officer and revealed the sexual relationship. The parole officer reported that to the Probation Department.

During an interview at the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office on March 8, Cruz admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with his client. According to the affidavit, he also confirmed that the relationship began as flirting and later became sexual and detailed those occasions.

According to the affidavit, investigators also spoke with several other people who knew about the relationship between Cruz and his client. Several of those witnesses reportedly described the probationer as distraught about the relationship.

He was also a tennis coach at Central High School in Pueblo. 11 News reported on April 27 that he was put on administrative leave for an unknown investigation that was unrelated to the school.