Probation Officer Reunites Stolen Puppy With Owners

Thanks to a probation officer--with a little help from social media--a stolen puppy has been reunited with his owners.

Monday started like any other day: 6-month-old Chunk accompanied his owners to their job at Pawn Spot on North Murray in Colorado Springs. At some point, the shop got swamped with people, and that's when Joe Miller says Chunk was taken.

"Our beloved puppy was stolen from our store....we have camera footage of them taking our pup," Joe wrote on the 11 News Facebook page earlier this week. "However we cannot positively ID the people. ... Our family is devastated! I have attached our "lost dog" flyer that we have been circulating."

That flyer made the rounds in a Facebook post, reportedly going viral. A probation officer reportedly saw the flyer in his newsfeed--and realized he recognized the dog. He had seen it at the home of one of the parolees he visits for his job.

The officer contacted the parolee, who said he had sold the dog. The officer was then able to trace down the person Chunk had been sold to.

Friday morning, Chunk and his ecstatic owners had a happy reunion.