Preventing Crime Near Fountain and Chelton

For years Fountain and Chelton has been known as an area with a lot of crime. Those who live there decided they won’t put up with it anymore.

Leading the charge are apartment managers who say they’ve had enough.

"I think we have an awesome community and I think that the Fountain and Chelton area is just getting an unfair, negative stigma if you will,” said Nicole Stewart, Western Terrace Property Manager.

Nicole Stewart, along with other managers teamed up with the Colorado Springs Police Department late last year, in hopes of improving quality of life, by preventing and reducing crime.

"This area of town has had a bad reputation for many years and to see them do something to try and clean it up a little bit, that's great, all for it,” said resident Rob Bryan.

Not only are police patrolling more, but they meet twice a month with apartment managers, business owners and residents in the area, to offer safety and security advice.

“You don’t have enough lighting out here, lets light up the parking lot more to make it safer for the residents. Or perhaps the bushes are overgrown and blocking some of the doors and that makes it easy for someone to hide there and commit a crime,” said CSPD Spokesperson Barbara Miller.

They even started an apartment hot-line. Police will call the number to let apartments know when a crime happens.

“This way the manager can listen to that hot-line call, and notify all the residents that we may have an increase in crime or please be sure to lock your vehicles,” said Barbara Miller.

Police say it’s been a successful program and partnership, and are confident it will help reduce crime in the future.

“I think it’s great. Almost everybody here has kids, so to know that the environment is gonna be a lot safer is really reassuring,” said resident Ariel Scott.

It’s called the Fountain and Chelton Partnership. The goal is to turn the group into an official non-profit Neighborhood and Business Organization.

Right now they meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Sand Creek Division Community Room.

They are also working to clean up the area. Saturday they are providing free dumpsters for residents to clean out their homes.

Between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm residents can bring bagged trash and large items to the south end of Mazatlan Circle where dumpsters will be provided for free.

Items that will not be accepted include: Refrigerators, tires, mattresses, vehicle parts, ammunition or batteries.