CSFD Prepares For Wildfire Season

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Firefighters are preparing right now for the wildfire season, but this year they say they have a new plan to knock down the fire.

The Colorado Springs fire chief addressed Colorado Springs City Council on Monday with an update on how his crews are gearing up.

Fire Chief Chris Riley says the goal is if a wildfire breaks out in Colorado Springs, 30 additional fire engines from the surrounding areas would be here within 90 minutes of the initial call. CSFD told council members they've been heading up the project over the past eight months, creating a partnership with neighboring counties like Douglas. The project is called “Broken Arrow.”

Chief Riley says the extra fire engines will be crucial.

“The initial fire commander would make that 30-90 Broken Arrow call and then we would get those 30 pieces of equipment here in 90 minutes on top of our resources to assist us in the fight,” explained Riley.

CSFD is also setting up community drills so families can practice how to evacuate. On Thursday there will be a community meeting about those evacuations. It will be held at Cheyenne Mountain High School at 6:30 p.m.