Preparing for Flash Flooding

We're all watching the skies these days with this wet pattern we're in because we know what can happen when there's heavy rain on the burn areas.

A meeting was held Wednesday night for people who are at risk for flash flooding to learn more about what they can do to protect themselves.

The main message was that no one can prevent a flash flood. Instead, all we can do is prepare for it.

Images from cars being swept away on Highway 24 and families rescued from the side of the road remind people how dangerous flash flooding can be.

At the meeting, emergency responders reassured the crowd they watch the weather every day.

Insurance experts said now is the time to go over your policy.

One woman tells 11 News she came to the meeting to get a plan of action.

"That's why we come to this meeting so we know what to do," said concerned homeowner Karin Laubhan. "We as homeowners should have plans so that we work with officials."

The experts also warned not to become complacent, even after days where we don't have any flash flooding with the rain. They say it's important to treat every warning like it's a real emergency.

If you missed the meeting and would like more information about flash flooding preparedness, click on the link below.