Call for Action: Potholes in School Parking Lot

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A woman says her car sustained damage when she couldn't avoid large pot holes in the parking lot of James Irwin Charter School on the southeast side of Colorado Springs.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, tells 11 News she had no way to avoid a row of potholes while picking up a student after school.

She says even though she was driving slowly, it literally snapped her Saturn Vue's stabilizer bar.

She says, "It yanked my wheel on my car and something snapped and my son said, 'Ooh, I think you broke something.'"

The woman says she was floored to learn the repair costs were close to $1,000 and even more upset to hear the school wouldn't help.

She says, "They were sorry, but there wasn't anything they could do. But the next morning, what's interesting is they went out and filled the holes."

Call for Action Anchor Betty Sexton left several messages for the school, but never heard back so she paid a visit to the charter school's CEO, Jonathan Berg.

She told him, "You know I've been trying to call you for over a week and leaving messages." Berg says, "You've been trying to call for over a week and we've been very, very busy."

Off camera, Berg told Sexton even though the incident happened on private property, James Irwin Charter is a public school.

He says it's protected from liability by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act. That law keeps the woman and others from being able to sue to recover costs.

Berg told Sexton hundreds of people drive through the lot every week and drivers need to be aware of conditions. He says maintenance workers routinely fill in the potholes, but lately they haven't been able to keep up with repairs.

The good news, a repair shop that wants to remain anonymous paid for everything. Now she and her car are good to go.

I'm told if the woman had collision coverage for her car she could have turned in a claim and paid her deductible. Typically, those kinds of claims that are $1,000 or less shouldn't raise your insurance rates.