Postal Workers Hold Rally At City Hall

To bring attention to problems facing the U.S. Postal Service, employees rallied outside Colorado Springs City hall Tuesday. Their colleagues held similar rallies nationwide.

Designated as a "Day of Action to Save America's Postal Service," postal workers demonstrated in every congressional district to inform the public of the financial issues the post office is dealing with, bring attention to what is at stake for residents and businesses, and explain how the problems can be solved.

The rally is also hoping to drive up support for House Bill 1351, introduced in April, which would help prevent the financial collapse.

The Postal Service is studying operations at the the Colorado Springs Mail Processing Center, which is being considered for closure. If it is closed, the operations will be consolidated into its counterpart in Denver.

Including the Colorado Springs facility, the closures of 252 facilities could cost as many as 35,000 jobs nationwide.