Possible New Leads In Stolen Urn

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Investigators say a canvas bag turned up Saturday, with a note inside apologizing for taking a missing urn.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office thinks the note was talking about the urn that was taken from Bob Herrle’s home by burglars last Sunday.

The bag was apparently dropped off at the Trinity Church of Nazarene, on El Camino in Colorado Springs. But, when investigators looked inside the bag nothing was inside.

They are now concerned that someone else may have mistaken the wooden urn for a jewelry box and stole it for a second time.

Herrle has been pleading with the community to help find the urn containing the ashes of his late wife, Terry. It was taken from his Black Forest home while he was at church.

The urn is a 10 by 10 by 8 inch red mahogany-colored box.

If anyone happens to come upon the urn, the sheriff’s office says not touch it. Just call police or the sheriff’s office immediately.