Possible Scammer Claims To Be Comcast Worker

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A local family is warning everyone to be cautious of people who knock on your door. They believe a man is posing as a Comcast worker and might be going door to door in a Colorado Springs neighborhood.

The person claiming to be with Comcast wanted access to the family's backyard. The family tells 11 News there were a lot of red flags during the conversation, and when they started asking questions, the man took off.

Bryan Foltz says a man wearing a Comcast shirt and carrying a clipboard came to his door Wednesday morning.

The family lives near Woodmen and Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs.

"He said that he needed to check the wiring for a job that was recently done on the house, and I wasn't sure what he was talking about," Bryan recalled.

Bryan went to check with his wife, who says something seemed off about the situation from the beginning.

"When my husband came into the kitchen briefly, I asked him if the guy was legitimately from there, if he had an ID," Julia Foltz said.

Bryan tells 11 News he went outside to talk to the man, who had walked to the side of the house and was peeking over the fence. Instead of letting him into the backyard, Bryan asked to see an ID.

"I said, by any chance do you have any ID? And he said no," said Bryan. "I asked him for his name and he said, 'Well I'll just come back some other time.'"

The man left and the couple called Comcast right away.

A Comcast employee tells 11 News there is no record that they ever sent anyone to the family's house.

The man was reportedly driving a truck that said Prince Telecom on the side. A Comcast employee tells 11 News that Comcast does contract with Prince Telecom, but those workers should always have ID.

11 News tried to reach out to Prince Telecom, but couldn't get a hold of anyone.

The family says they have filed a police report.