Possible Debris from Missing Flight Spotted

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Chinese and Australian search crews may have located debris from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. They are searching an area in the southern Indian Ocean where satellite images revealed what could be the remains of the aircraft.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the crew on board an Australian P3 Orion located two objects - the first grey or green and circular, the second orange and rectangular.

An Australian navy supply ship is on the scene trying to locate and recover the objects, and Malaysia's defense minister says it could reach them within a few hours.

Meanwhile, the Xinhua News Agency reports the Chinese crew saw two large objects and several smaller ones spread across several square miles. China's foreign ministry says a white, square-shaped object was captured on a camera aboard the plane.

U.S. Pacific command is sending a black box locator to the area. It can hear the black box "pinger" down to a depth of about 20,000 feet.

U.S. Navy officer David Levy is on the USS Blue Ridge and says the search is a challenge for crews.

"It is a difficult task. The Indian Ocean is a very large area, and we were trying to follow, you know, we go to every lead that is out there and identified search areas. These are long missions for the crews... It's very daunting. It's very taxing on the crews to find this stuff. But they're doing their best. We're dedicated to the mission and will keep going as long as we're needed out there," Levy said.

NASA is also redirecting a satellite and the camera on the International Space Station of help search for debris.