Poll: Obama Maintains Colorado Lead, Image of Romney Improves

President Obama maintains a lead in Colorado, but voters now have a better impression of Mitt Romney than they did before Wednesday night's debate, according to a new poll by the University of Denver.

According to the poll, Obama's lead among likely voters is 47-43, within the margin of error. His lead among independent voters is more substantial, 48-31.

Thirty-eight percent of responders said they have an improved impression of Romney after the debate, which Colorado voters said he won by a large margin, 68-19. Eighteen percent said their view of Obama improved.

University of Denver political science professor Peter Hanson said that the polls indicate that there are "very few undecided voters left in Colorado," with only 6 percent saying they could be persuaded to vote for another candidate. Eighty-eight percent have their minds made up, and 5 percent of responders say they don't favor either candidate.

Hanson said among undecided voters, Romney has improved his chances of winning them over since the debate, based on poll results.

When asked to describe why they would vote for their candidate, 67 percent of Obama supporters and 71 percent of Romney supporters said they believe their candidate is the best person for the job. Thirty-one percent of Obama supporters say out of the two, Obama is the one they can most easily live with; 27 percent of Romney supporters say the same.

The poll was conducted on October 4 and 5 by phone with 604 Coloradans of voting age. Only likely voters were surveyed. Respondents were contacted on both landlines and cell phones.